Wednesday, 9 March 2016

11 Reasons To Use Only Genuine Auto Parts

When you get any problem in your car, then sometime you may need to replace some of the part in your vehicle. When people get the requirement of parts replacement, then a lot of people prefer to ditch the genuine vehicle parts, because they can get the compatible one in much lower cost. However, that is not a good practice and ideally you should to choose only genuine vehicle parts for a number of reasons. Here, I am sharing 11 reasons to use only genuine auto parts for any kind of replacement.

Perfect fit: When you by genuine vehicle parts then you get a perfect fit for same in your vehicle. All the genuine vehicle parts are also known as OEM which is the short form of original equipment manufacturing. That means this particular product or part comes from the actual manufacturer and they made the same in the same factory with same process as your previous part was. That also means, you are going to have no complication or trouble in its fitting and you will get the perfect fit for same.

Better quality: Better quality is another benefit that you would have with genuine vehicle parts. When you will buy genuine parts, then you will always get the best quality as it comes from the company. Each and every company need to provide you the best quality parts to maintain their reputation. So, this is certain that you will not have any kind of complication in your products and you will get products that are of best quality. You cannot have this kind of liberty in case of compatible parts.

Insurance: In case of accident many insurance companies may ask you to use compatible parts because it is cheaper. They may claim you will have to bear the extra cost for same. If they claim this, then also it is advised that you do not care about the extra cost and you get the genuine parts. When you will choose the genuine parts, then you will get next insurance coverage according to your genuine parts else claim value of your vehicle will reduce due to lower cost.

Warranty: Many vehicle manufacturers won’t offer you any kind of warranty if you choose non genuine vehicle parts in your vehicle. They can claim that you got it repaired with non-qualified people and you violated the policy for same. As a result of that you may end up loosing your warranty for same. However, this limitation or trouble is not going to hunt you if you will use OEM and they can’t leave the blame on you. Also, genuine vehicle parts will come with warranty, which is not the case for most of the compatible vehicle parts.

Last longer: Since, you get original products that are fit with your vehicle, so this is certain you will have longer life with it. Also, the material used by companies in OEM products is always the best quality and that is also a key point that can help you get longer life in your product. So, if you are looking durability in your spare parts, then you should trust only on the genuine parts instead of compatible or non-branded one.

Poor results: Poor result is another thing that can restrict you not to use the compatible vehicle parts. Since, a compatible part will not have any kind of bonding with your car, so chances are there it will reduce the life of your vehicle. Also, it will reduce the overall life or your vehicle in a very negative manner. Thus it is safe to say that you will have poor result with it.

Overall cost is low: If we talk about the cost, then basic cost of the genuine vehicle parts is high, but many times you may need to pay extra money for the installation part. However, this limitation or trouble might not be there with the OEM part as company will do the installation work for free. Other than this, you will also get warranty on genuine parts which might not be the case with non-genuine parts. So, if we talk about the overall cost, then in total you may need to pay less money for the genuine vehicle parts instead of the compatible one.

No defectiveness: In your non genuine vehicle parts, you will never get assurance about the quality of products and sometime you can have some defects also in it. However, this issue or complication is not there with OEM. You get only those parts that are company approved and fully tested. That means you are not going to have any kind of defectiveness in it. That is an added advantage of this system that you might not get with compatible parts.

Easy to get: Finding non genuine vehicle parts could be a tough thing for many people. First of all, you will need to compare various manufacturers and then you will have to see if it works well with it or not. However, this limitation goes away if you are using genuine replacement parts because you can have it just against the vehicle name, and you will not have to worry about the quality or brand as well.

Longer vehicle life: When you use the genuine vehicle parts for your automotive vehicle, then you always increase the life expectancy of your vehicle as well. If you are suing genuine parts, then you will not have any reason to worry for its life as it will automatically increase the life expectancy of your vehicle. So, if you are planning to have this result, then it is advised that you choose an option accordingly.

Freedom from tension: If you are using genuine vehicle parts, then you will not have any worries for the parts or its quality. Nor you will have any tension that your vehicle can go down at any unwanted place. This freedom from all kind of tension is another reason that explain why you should choose only genuine parts for your vehicle.