Monday, 29 August 2016

When Do You Need a Wheel Alignment?

Most of us do not realize the significance of car wheel alignment. We all car owners feel nothing much impacts the wheels of our car and ignore them unless and until we have a flat tire in the middle of the road. However, taking your car for a regular Wheel Alignment Service is extremely important.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is a process wherein the wheels of your car are balanced in a particular setting that they are perpendicular to the road and parallel to one another.

Significance of Wheel Alignment Service

There are many benefits of having the wheels of your car aligned. The major benefit is that you save a lot on fuel.

If you ignore and avoid wheel alignment, there will be more pressure on the rubber of tires due to more resistance to the road surface. The tires will wear out faster and you will need to replace them. So, proper wheel alignment on regular basis can help you save on replacement cost of new tires. Most of us assume wear and tear of tires is a manufacturing defect, which is not true. This is due to lack of maintenance which is not manufacturers fault.

Your life is at risk when you are driving a car with faulty wheel alignment. It is difficult to drive on wet roads during monsoons with perfectly aligned wheels. So, you can imagine how risky it is to drive on such roads with the wheels not aligned. You can meet with an accident and hurt yourself as well as others on the road. Safety is of prime importance. Therefore, all car owners must get the wheels of their car aligned regularly.
Car owners need to ensure that their cars are serviced regularly for better performance and to enjoy a hassle free driving experience. Wheel alignment is one of the most important parts of car maintenance. However, not many car owners understand the need and importance of proper wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment is making sure that the wheels of the car are perpendicular to the road; also it makes sure that the wheels are parallel to one other. It is imperative that you get the wheels of your car checked every time it goes for service and get the wheel alignment service at least once in every 6 months. Listed below are few reasons why should one get the car wheels aligned on regular basis.

Better Mileage:

When the wheels of your car are not aligned, you are dragging one or more of the tires while the others go straight. This is when your car moves towards one side or the other. This results in burning more fuel than required and affects the mileage of your vehicle. Your car can perform at its best and give you better mileage if the wheels are aligned.

Manufacturer's Warranty Still Apply:

Most of us think that the warranty for the wheels will apply irrespective of the wear and tear. However, most warranties apply to the quality of wheels. No warranty is extended or applies if the tires are not maintained well or are kept in good condition. Worn out tires due to poor wheel alignment is not a manufacturers defect and hence not covered under warranty. This is why it is advisable to keep a check on the car wheel alignment to avail warranty benefits.

Protect Other Parts From Damage:

Poor wheel alignment can cause damage to brakes, stirring system and suspension of your car. If the wheels are not aligned, you will observe that the brake shaft is not working properly; the car is pulling towards one side and notice an undue strain on the stirring system. With proper wheel alignment service, you will be able to enjoy driving and you will get the best performance out of your vehicle.

Proper car wheel alignment helps you save you money and gives you better peace of mind. Leading car servicing companies offer wheel alignment service at affordable prices. So, book a service and get your car wheel alignment checked right away!

When And Where Should You Get The Wheel Alignment Service?

Whenever you notice that the steering of your car is pointing straight but your car is pulling towards left or right. Another indicator is your tires, if you see that any one of your tires is worn out more than the other. You should also get your wheels aligned when you have hit something on the road. Manufacturers advise that the wheels of any car should be aligned at least once in six months. You can get the wheel alignment service done at various leading car service stations where you get your car serviced regularly.

Car wheel alignment is essential for your safety. The resistance and pressure that your car faces when the wheels are not aligned properly could lead to a strain on the driver and a small mistake could result in a major accident. Always ensure you check the wheels before you hit the road and if you aren't sure it's best to call in the experts who will look into the issue and get it rectified before it leads to any problems. There are a number of car service centers who offer pick up and drop facilities for a wheel alignment service.